About Us

Gloria Deo School of the Arts (GDSA) was founded in September of 2010 by Sarah Elizabeth Henderson.

GDSA is a non-profit ballet school in Jessamine County with a mission to train up dancers in technical, artistic, and spiritual excellence.  Classes are designed to lay a solid foundation in the art and technique of classical ballet while cultivating Biblical principles in the lives of each dancer.  Respect for authority, self-discipline, love for fellow students, and a good work ethic are character traits that GDSA hopes to see developed in our dancers. GDSA teachers have dedicated themselves to lovingly teaching and imparting these values to the students as they give instruction in proper ballet technique and encourage students to be creative with the talent God has given them. Through seasonal performances and outreach events, our dancers have the opportunity to be involved in professional quality productions. These performances allow students to use dance as an expression of worship, a tool for ministry, and a means of bringing glory to God through artistic presentations. Our greatest desire is that every student would be captured by the Biblical calling to be a witness in the earth and that GDSA would equip them to do so through the medium of dance!