Dress Code



Beginning to Advanced students must have their hair in a proper bun using  bobby pins.  No fly-a ways.  NO bun makers, holders, or clips. If you come to class without proper hair you will asked to observe class that day.   (GDSA Youtube Bun tutorial coming soon!) 

Only small pierced earrings. Please leave all other jewelry in the dressing room!

No street clothes may be worn in class. Ballet warm ups will be allowed for foot exercise or plies only at the discretion of the teacher. 


Each level is assigned a specific class leotard.  
Each girl enrolled in the school will receive one class leotard in the color of her level.  Leotards are distributed at parent orientation.  
Additional class leotards may be purchased through the school boutique.  

Creative Movement – pink leotard and pink tights
Pre-Ballet – pink leotard and pink tights
Beginning A – plum leotard and pink tights
Beginning B – black cherry leotard and pink tights
Beginning C – peacock leotard and pink tights
Intermediate A – wisteria leotard and pink tights
Intermediate B – dark teal leotard and pink tights
Intermediate C – slate blue leotard and pink tights
Advanced – black leotard and pink tights
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Pre-Professional – Any solid color leotard and pink tights. When taking class with Advanced class in the evening wear black advanced leo.

Contemporary & Modern – Any color footless tights or leggings, any solid color leotard (no embellishments or words). Hair may be pulled back in a pony tail – buns are not required.

Boys & Men – Black tights or black biker shorts with a white fitted dance shirt. Nothing loose or baggy. Socks are optional.

Adult Ballet – Black or pink tights, solid color leotard with no text or embellishments.


*Inter/Adv students taking Saturday classes may wear any color leotard.

Girls – pink leather or canvas technique shoes.
Guys – black leather or canvas technique shoes.

Class leotards are issued/purchased through the school boutique at the studio.
Tights, shoes, and other dance attire can be purchased at Dance Biz in Lexington.  Please mention GDSA to receive a 10% discount.
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Gently used ballet attire may be donated to share with other GDSA families.  Leotards, tights, and shoes may be placed in the Ballet Exchange drawers at the boutique. All items donated must be clean and in usable condition.


Classroom Rules

Level placement and advancement are at the discretion of the director.
If you find you will need to miss a class, please call the business office before class and leave a message.
In the event that a class is canceled due to inclement weather or another unforeseen circumstance, parents will receive an email and/or text message that day.  Please check your phone before making the trip to the studio.
Dancers must be picked up promptly when class is over; if you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up, please pay the teacher a $5 late fee.
Students must wear the proper dress code to every class or they will be asked to sit out.

No drinks except water
Students must wear the proper dress code to every class or they will be asked to sit out.

Tuition Policy

An annual $50 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.

  • Tuition is calculated on a yearly basis, with payments made monthly for 9 months, September through May.  Families pay full tuition for the oldest child; we offer a 20% sibling discount for each additional child enrolled. 


  • If tuition is paid during the second week, a $5.00 late fee will be required.


  • If tuition has not been paid by the third week of the month, the dancer will not be allowed to participate in class until tuition is paid.

  • Elizabeth Williams, Treasurer, will notify parents by email if tuition is late.

  • Any time a family has an unusual need, arrangements can be made by contacting Elizabeth Williams (

  • If a student misses a class, he/she may join another level for a make-up class, however there is no deduction in tuition.  There is no refund of tuition for snow days, sick days, holidays, or spring or fall break.  These missed days will be made up by the extra rehearsals during preparation for performances.  Sarah will work with each family to assure that students receive as many monthly lessons as possible.

  • An annual $50 registration fee will be due at the time of enrollment.  This fee covers registration costs and includes a school t-shirt and one school uniform leotard.